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7-31-2017 Highlights from Last Week…

Week in Review President Donald Trump replaced White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus with Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, who is expected to be sworn in on Monday. Marine Gen. Joe Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, said “there will be no modifications” to the military’s current transgender policies until Trump […]

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7-31-2017 Political Nuggets….

Washington Brief Russian President Vladimir Putin said the United States must reduce its diplomatic staff in the country by 755 employees from the approximately 1,200 who work there now. His remarks came after the White House said President Donald Trump would sign legislation to impose new sanctions on Russia. (The […]

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7-28-2017 Political Nuggets….

Today in 5 Lines Alaska Dispatch News reports that Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan received calls from Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke warning them that Tuesday’s procedural vote on health-care legislation threatened Alaska’s relationship with the administration. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters that he plans to introduce […]

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7-27-2017 POLITICO Morning Score House Info…..

Days until the 2017 election: 102 Days until the 2018 election: 466 A LIGHT TOUCH – “House Democrats take cautious approach to 2018 primaries,” by Campaign Pro’s Elena Schneider: “The DCCC has stated its policy on primaries over and over: The committee “reserves the right” to get involved in them. […]

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7-27-2017 Political Nuggets….

Today in 5 Lines President Trump announced on Twitter that the U.S. will no longer “accept or allow” transgender people to serve in the military. Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain denounced the announcement, calling it “unclear.” During the second day of deliberations, Senate Republicans voted against repealing major […]

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7-26-2017 Political Nuggets….

Today in 5 Lines Vice President Mike Pence provided the tie-breaking vote in the Senate’s motion to begin debate on repealing the Affordable Care Act. Arizona Senator John McCain voted to proceed, but in a speech on the Senate floor, he added that he “will not vote for this bill […]

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