November 13, 2017

11-13-2017 Obamacare has a very good week nuggets…(Vox)

  • Despite so many attempts from President Trump and congressional Republicans to kill Obamacare, the program apparently just keeps getting stronger. [Vox / Sarah Kliff
  • With open enrollment starting recently, the Obamacare exchanges just had one of their best weeks on record, with 600,000 signing up in the first week (more than 137,000 of those were first-time enrollees). This outpaces the number of people who signed last year. [CNN Money / Tami Luhby
  • This comes as the odds are noticeably stacked against the federal health care program, which is now being managed by an administration that would like to see it gone and is trying everything in its power to make that goal a reality. [Huffington Post
  • For instance, the Obamacare enrollment period has been halved from 90 days to 45 this year, and the Trump administration also slashed the outreach program for it. [NBC News / Benjy Sarlin
  • So overall, the sign-up numbers may be lower because there’s not as much time to sign up. But the quick rate at which people are signing up is surprising, and it’s not the only good news for the program this week. [Washington Post / Paige Winfield Cunningham
  • On Election Day Tuesday, voters in Maine voted to expand Medicaid in a referendum, pushing back on their Republican governor, who has been refusing to expand the program. Even after that vote, Gov. Paul LePage is still saying the program can’t move forward unless the legislature comes up with the money to pay for it. [Portland Press Herald / Scott Thistle
  • Still, the vote in Maine shows Medicaid is politically popular. The vote there is inspiring similar upcoming votes in Utah and Idaho. At the same time, Trump’s Medicaid director, Seema Verma, wants to pare down the program significantly. [Vox / Dylan Scott
  • This is sure to continue to be a big fight between Republicans and Democrats, but one thing is certain: Obamacare and Medicaid are resilient programs, and they’re not going away quietly. [Vox / Dylan Scott]

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