August 23, 2017

8-23-2017 Indian men can no longer divorce their wives with a text message….(Vox)

  • Women’s rights advocates in India scored a huge win today, as that country’s Supreme Court outlawed the practice of “triple talaq,” or instant divorce, among its Muslim residents. [The Guardian / Michael Safi]
  • “Triple talaq” is more or less what it sounds like: Muslim men who wanted to divorce their wives just had to say the word “talaq,” Arabic for divorce, three times and their marriage was instantly dissolved. [Washington Post / Vidhi Doshi]
  • The outcome was much more difficult for women (who could not do the same). After a few yearsor a few decades of marriage, women were left to fend for themselves while their husband disappeared with no legal obligation to them or their children. [BBC]
  • The judges ruled that triple talaq violated women’s equality in India and also was not a necessary part of Islam. [Hindustan Times / Ashok Bagriya and Bhadra Sinha]
  • The practice isn’t mentioned in the Quran; as a matter of fact, the Islamic holy book says divorce should happen over a period of three months to allow both husband and wife to think it over.
  • Triple talaq has also been banned in more than 20 Muslim countries, including India’s neighbors Pakistan and Bangladesh. But it’s persisted among India’s Muslim population; the religion is the second most prevalent in the country. [BBC / Geeta Pandey]
  • The legal challenge was brought by five women whose husbands instantly divorced them in various ways, whether it was verbal, in writing, or in a text message. [HuffPost / Betwa Sharma]

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