August 18, 2017

8-18-2017 Oregon passes a sweeping law increasing access to abortion and contraception….Nuggets..(Vox)

  • As many states in the US pass restrictions on abortion, Oregon is doing the exact opposite. Yesterday, Gov. Kate Brown signed a sweeping abortion bill into law, which requires health insurers to cover birth control and abortion without charging a copay.[Washington Post / Sandhya Somashekhar]

  • But the new law will cover much more than abortion; it will also cover STI screenings and the cost of postpartum care for new mothers.[The Oregonian / Janaki Chada]

  • The state will also reimburse health care providers that provide reproductive health care to undocumented immigrants.[The Oregonian / Janaki Chada]

  • Many consider it the most progressive reproductive health law now in effect in the country, because it allows people to be covered no matter their gender identity, immigration status, or their ability to pay. Republican lawmakers in Oregon have vowed there will be lawsuits challenging the legality of taxpayers funding abortions.[Associated Press / Andrew Selsky]

  • However, Oregon is not the first state to require health insurers to cover abortion; California and New York also require private insurers to cover the procedure.[Kaiser Family Foundation / Laurie Sobel, Alina Salganicoff, and Caroline Rosenzweig]

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