August 17, 2017

8-17-2017 Baltimore quietly takes down all of its Confederate statues Nuggets…..(Vox)

  • In the middle of the night on Tuesday, city employees in Baltimore quietly removed all four of that city’s Confederate monuments, putting the statues on the backs of large flatbed trucks and driving them away. [Baltimore Sun / Colin Campbell, Talia Richman, and Luke Broadwater]
  • The city council unanimously voted to remove the statues the day before, in response to the deadly rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, protesting the planned removal of that city’s monument to Robert E. Lee. [Baltimore Sun / Colin Campbell, Talia Richman, and Luke Broadwater]
  • In a statement, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh said the reason for the statues literally being removed in the dead of night came down to public safety and avoiding any violent confrontation like what took place in Virginia. [NYT / Nicholas Fandos and Russell Goldman]
  • A number of Southern cities have been grappling with what to do about lasting symbols of the Confederacy, especially after a self-proclaimed white supremacist shot and killed black parishioners in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2015. [Vox / German Lopez]
  • Cities including New Orleans have gradually been removing monuments, but this weekend’s events in Charlottesville are speeding up that process. [Vox / German Lopez]
  • Baltimore’s response was a much quieter compared to the events that transpired in Durham, North Carolina, where protesters pulled down a Confederate monument on Monday. That state’s Democratic governor has also said he wants the monuments removed. [Associated Press / Jonathan Drew and Greg Robertson]
  • Durham police have so far arrested four people and charged them with disorderly conduct “by injury to a statue” and damaging property. [WRAL]

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