August 16, 2017

8-16-2017 (Yesterday’s Primary) Alabama’s special election heats up Nuggets….(Vox)

  • Polls just closed (at 8 pm Eastern on 8/15) in a special election for Senate. The race will determine who gets to replace former Sen. Jeff Sessions, now Trump’s attorney general. [Vox / Jeff Stein]
  • All eyes are on the Republican primary, where there are three major contenders including Luther Strange, who was appointed to temporarily replace Sessions; US Rep. Mo Brooks; and former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court Roy Moore. [Vox / Jeff Stein]
  • Strange has the biggest war chest, courtesy of a Super PAC closely allied with Mitch McConnell. He also has the backing of the president. [NYT / Alan Blinder and Jonathan Martin]
  • A presidential endorsement in a primary is unusual, but Trump endorsing the same candidate supported by McConnell is even more so, given the president’s public feud with the Senate majority leader. [National Review / Alexandra DeSanctis]
  • Even so, Strange and Brooks are both getting a run for their money from Moore, a deeply religious and conservative man who has opened up a slim lead in polls. [Politico / Seung Min Kim]
  • Moore is best known for opposing the removal of the Ten Commandments from the Alabama State Capitol and for refusing to grant same-sex couples marriage licenses after the US Supreme Court marriage equality decision in 2010. [Vox / Jeff Stein]
  • Much of the focus has been on the Republican primary, but there are also two Democrats running, Doug Jones and Robert Kennedy Jr. One of them will eventually face off whoever wins the Republican race, but it would be an incredibly long shot for a Democrat to win deeply red Alabama in a general election. [Slate / Jim Newell]
  • Tonight’s vote could be the first of a few; if no one candidate gets more than 50 percent of the vote, there will be a September runoff election before the general. [CNN / Chris Cillizza]


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