August 11, 2017

8-11-2017 Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu faces official corruption charges Nuggets…..(Vox)

  • Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu is embroiled in two corruption scandals that are heating up quickly, and some are speculating they could end his presidency. [NYT / Isabel Kershner]
  • Bribery, breach of trust, and corruption allegations are fast turning into an actual court case against Netanyahu, in which his former chief of staff could testify against him. [Vox / Sarah Wildman]
  • Corruption rumors have swirled around the prime minister for years, but with the court case being filed, these allegations are official. [Vox / Sarah Wildman]
  • In one case, Netanyahu is accused of accepting expensive gifts from an Israeli businessman in return for political favors. [Haaretz / Gidi Weitz]
  • In another, there are allegations that Netanyahu had a deal with an Israeli newspaper publisher to try to weaken the paper’s media competitors in exchange for glowing coverage. [New York Daily News / Terrence Cullen]
  • Netanyahu is pushing back, in a way that makes him sound an awful lot like Donald Trump. At a recent rally, he dismissed the charges and blamed the whole thing on “fake news” perpetrated by the media and leftist parties in Israel. [Jewish Telegraphic Agency]
  • No matter what, it’s going to take a long time for the cases to develop, and it could be years before a decision is reached or Netanyahu steps down. But a once seemingly unshakable politician is now facing a decidedly uncertain future. [CNN / Aaron David Miller]


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