August 9, 2017

8-9-2017 Trump’s Justice Department supports Ohio purging its voter rolls Nuggets….(Vox)

  • In a break with the Obama administration, Trump’s Justice Department just sided with Ohio on its efforts to remove infrequent voters from its rolls. [Mother Jones / Ari Berman]
  • Voting officials in Ohio have the power to cancel people’s voter registration if they haven’t voted in years. There’s a multi-year, multi-step process to determine who stays and who goes. [Associated Press / Andrew Welsh-Huggins]
  • Opponents of the practice say the rules disproportionately target minority and homeless voters. They argue that just as voters have rights to cast a vote, they also have rights not to cast a vote, and therefore should not be purged from the voter rolls for exercising that right. [Vox / Garet Williams]
  • The case is headed to the Supreme Court this fall, and the Justice Department filed an amicus brief backing Ohio’s position on Monday. [NYT / Charlie Savage]
  • This is a change from the position the Obama administration took; it called the state’s practice unlawful. [NPR / Carrie Johnson]
  • But the change shouldn’t be much of a surprise; Trump is a big proponent of tightening voter eligibility rules across the country, especially given his frequent (and erroneous) tweets about rampant voter fraud nationwide. [PolitiFact / Louis Jacobson]
  • So far, Trump’s larger efforts on voting reform have stumbled, after a presidential voting commission to investigate fraud asked for an astonishing amount of private voter data — and got turned down by nearly every secretary of state in the country. [CNN / Liz Stark and Grace Hauck]

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