August 9, 2017

8-9-2017 Google deals with fallout from internal memo disparaging female employees Nuggets…..(Vox)

Google is at the center of a firestorm about diversity, tech, and free speech after firing an engineer who wrote an internal memo opposing diversity programs that quickly went viral. [NYT / Daisuke Wakabayashi]

  • The memo had a particular focus: women in tech. The engineer who wrote it argued there was a relatively simple explanation for the lack of women in Silicon Valley: They just weren’t biologically or emotionally equipped for it like men were. [Gizmodo / Kate Conger]
  • Unsurprisingly, that pissed off a lot of people. The engineer has since been fired, and it’s reportedly prompted an internal debate at Google over the company’s culture. [Recode / Kara Swisher]
  • It’s also led to a backlash against Google for firing the engineer, James Damore. But Google — or any employer — can fire an at-will employee for just about any reason. [Vox / Alexia Fernández-Campbell]
  • The drama at Google speaks to a larger problem in Silicon Valley — a noticeable lack of women and people of color in leadership positions. [Recode / Rani Molla]
  • For women in tech (and in most other sectors of the economy), there’s also a persistent wage gap between them and their male counterparts. [Business Insider / Lauren Lyons Cole]
  • The uproar at Google has already led some to advocate that women take the fight for greater representation and higher wages to the courts, rather than waiting for changes to happen on their own. [NYT / Anita Hill]


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