August 7, 2017

8-7-2017 Despite what Trump says, coal is still in trouble Nuggets…..(Vox)

  • On Thursday night, President Trump held a rally in West Virginia coal country, the place that’s become synonymous with his election to the presidency. [The New Yorker / Larissa MacFarquhar]
  • Trump made the appearance during a week of very good economic news: The US posted strong jobs numbers on Friday morning, and despite the political turmoil coming out of the White House, the stock market had a record-setting week. [WSJ / Eric Morath]
  • As he’s done in the past, Trump promised rally attendees that under his administration, good-paying coal jobs will come back en masse. [Newsweek / Alexander Nazaryan]
  • But the overall outlook for coal jobs in West Virginia is bleak, and has been for a while. And there’s probably not a lot Trump can do about it. [Vox / David Roberts]
  • That has some to do with environmental regulations (as Trump argues) but a ton to do with cheaper energy alternatives like natural gas taking coal’s place. In order to truly bring back the coal industry, the US would have to scrap natural gas, and that’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. [Forbes / Jude Clemente]
  • Coal and other manufacturing jobs Trump has promised to bring back face another problem: Robots are replacing human workers in coal mines. [Vox / Brad Plumer]
  • So when you hear Trump say the US has added 45,000 coal jobs during his presidency, be skeptical. It’s more like 800. [PolitiFact / Louis Jacobson]


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