August 3, 2017

8-3-2017 The Justice Department targets diversity programs Nuggets….|Vox|

  • The US Justice Department wants to crack down on affirmative action policies at colleges and universities, according to a new memo that was leaked last night. [NYT / Charlie Savage]
  • Memos obtained by the New York Times indicate the department plans to investigate and sue colleges and universities for “intentional race-based discrimination.” [NYT / Charlie Savage]
  • The DOJ’s argument is that schools are discriminating against white students by rejecting them in favor of students of color, even if both demonstrate similar academic achievement.[Washington Post / Emma Brown and Sarah Larimer]
  • It could also refer to Asian-American students — who are increasingly seen as the “victims” of affirmative action among groups that oppose these policies. [Vox / Libby Nelson]
  • This move should come as no surprise, given that affirmative action is a huge conservative issue and has been for decades. [The Washington Post / Philip Bump]
  • The issue came up most recently in 2016, when the Supreme Court upheld an affirmative action program at the University of Texas that was challenged by a prospective white student who was not accepted there. [CNN / Ariane de Vogue]
  • Affirmative action proponents, on the other hand, argue that the policy evens the playing field for minority students. In the University of Texas case, the university argued that giving more minority students access to higher education would lead to more diverse leaders in government and business. [The Atlantic / Alia Wong and Isabel Fattal]
  • Some education experts say that rather than such an intense focus on race in colleges and universities, the federal government should be turning its attention to inequality in K-12 education instead. [Inside Higher Ed / Scott Jaschik]

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