July 31, 2017

7-31-2017 POLITICO Morning Score Election Info for 2018….

Days until the 2017 election: 99

Days until the 2018 election: 463

BIG MONEY – “Senate GOP outside groups raised $17M in first half of 2017,” by Campaign Pro’s Kevin Robillard: “The main outside groups backing Senate Republicans have nearly $22 million combined in their bank accounts after raising $17 million in the first six months of the year. The massive war chest, raised with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s help, should aid Senate Republicans as they try to win 10 Democratic-held seats in states President Donald Trump won last November, while playing defense for Nevada Sen. Dean Heller and Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake. Senate Leadership Fund, a super PAC which regularly launches blistering attacks on Democrats in television and digital ads, raised $8.2 million and had $9.6 million on hand as of June 30. One Nation, which promotes GOP policies and Republican senators who back them, raised $8.7 million and had $7 million in its bank account. … ‘The pivotal figure in all this has been McConnell,‘ [SLF President Steven] Law said. ‘What most of the major donors have concluded is that Mitch McConnell is the one guy who steers clear of the chaos and focuses on the Republican agenda.’ This year, McConnell has traveled extensively to meet with potential donors and hear their concerns, visiting Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Dallas, Houston, Miami and Palm Beach, Fla.” Full story.

2020 WATCH – “How 2018 became the new 2020,” by POLITICO’s Gabriel Debenedetti: “Top contenders are making endorsements, picking sides in party primaries and aggressively working the fundraising circuit on behalf of 2018 candidates, all the while building their own name recognition. … The early focus on the midterms is a marked departure from previous practice and a further acceleration of the presidential campaign cycle. Prior to the 2016 presidential primary season, for example, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders largely stayed off the campaign trail and out of elections until late 2014 – roughly six months before they officially announced their campaigns. … Booker has been especially active his travel itinerary reads like an atlas of at-risk Democratic incumbents. He’s raised money for grateful colleagues in Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Montana and Michigan, among others, according to Democrats familiar with the itinerary.Warren, a fundraising juggernaut, has made several California fundraising stops, including one in San Francisco where the Massachusetts senator joined Esprit founder Susie Tompkins Buell, a high-level party donor and close Clinton friend. Another gave Warren face time with Oakland Athletics part-owner Guy Saperstein, who in 2016 offered Warren $1 million to run for president.” Full story.

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