July 27, 2017

7-27-2017 POLITICO Morning Score House Info…..

Days until the 2017 election: 102

Days until the 2018 election: 466

A LIGHT TOUCH – “House Democrats take cautious approach to 2018 primaries,” by Campaign Pro’s Elena Schneider: “The DCCC has stated its policy on primaries over and over: The committee “reserves the right” to get involved in them. So far, though, House Democratic leaders have adopted a more hands-off approach than in years past as hundreds of candidates across the country flood into potential battleground races. Operatives said that House Democrats’ somewhat laissez-faire attitude is explained by the ’embarrassment of riches’ when it comes to the volume of candidates interested in running this cycle, said John Lapp, a Democratic media strategist and former DCCC executive director. …The committee still has favorites in some seats – and may signal more in the future. DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Lujan donated to six challengers in the first half of 2017 via his leadership PAC, in an array of districts with unusual primaries, long-shot contenders or particularly notable candidates. But strategists and other observers say the effort to clear primary fields and anoint nominees has been much less aggressive in the early stages of the 2018 election cycle than in past years.” Full story.
PELOSI, PELOSI, PELOSI – “Voter by voter, GOP super PAC tries to separate the party from Trump,” by The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel: “…The CLF’s multimillion-dollar campaign, unfolding this year in 20 targeted districts and expanding next year to 30, is an ambitious bet that the Republican House majority can be spared from midterm backlash over President Trump. If it works, each endangered Republican will be reintroduced to voters as a post-partisan who delivers on their key issues; each Democratic challenger will be framed as a vote for Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to snatch back the speaker’s gavel while empowering an anti-Trump ‘resistance’ that only wants to wreck the country.” Full story.
– “Heller defends health care vote amid Democratic attacks,” via POLITICO’s Burgess Everett: Democrats are escalating their attacks on Nevada GOP Sen. Dean Heller for voting to open debate on Obamacare repeal and signaling support for a trimmed-down repeal bill. But Heller, who faces a tough reelection contest next year, says he is at peace with his decisions. …In an interview on Wednesday, Heller said he is satisfied with how he has handled the grueling health care debate, which includes standing with Gov. Brian Sandoval to lash proposed cuts to Medicaid, getting needled by President Donald Trump in front of other colleagues and then aiding Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in moving forward on the repeal effort.” Full story.

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