July 21, 2017

7-21-2017 Jeff Sessions is in hot water with his boss Nuggets….(Vox)…

  • US Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s job sounds like it’s on shaky ground. 

  • In an interview with the New York Times, President Trump expressed frustration that Sessions recused himself from the Department of Justice’s Russia investigation, and said he never would have hired Sessions if he had known recusal was coming. [NYT / Peter Baker, Michael Schmidt, and Maggie Haberman]

  • But Sessions really had no choice on whether to recuse himself, because as a former Trump campaign adviser, it would have been against the law for him to head up an investigation into the Trump campaign as attorney general. [Rebecca Ballhaus via Twitter]

  • Trump bashing his attorney general is a big deal, because Sessions has been with Trump from the beginning of the billionaire’s long-shot campaign. [ABC News / Nicki Rossoll]

  • More than that, Sessions and his allies have served as the ideological bedrock to some of Trump’s most controversial decisions, including the executive order banning refugees and travelers from six Muslim-majority nations. [Washington Post / Philip Rucker and Robert Costa]

  • Trump’s latest rhetoric suggests that the president either doesn’t fully know about the law or just doesn’t care about it. [Vox / Matt Yglesias]

  • So far, Sessions has said he doesn’t plan to go just yet, and will stay on as AG for however long is “appropriate.” [CNN / Miranda Green]

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