June 16, 2017

6-16-2017 “How to fire your special counsel, in 3 not-easy steps…(Washington Post)

How to fire your special counsel, in 3 not-easy steps

Firing the person investigating you for obstruction of justice (and your campaign for financial and political ties to Russia) is easier hinted at in a tweet than actually done.

As The Post’s Philip Bump explains, Trump can end this “witch hunt” one of three ways. All carry serious consequences:

1.  Just break all the rules, fire Mueller himself and face potential legal consequences.

Except: Anyone who’s anyone in Washington has discouraged him from this. Last week, a friend of the president said Trump was considering firing Mueller. The White House didn’t deny this consideration, but later said Trump has “no intention” of firing Mueller.

2. Get Rosenstein to do it. (That’s how the regular order goes, assuming Attorney General Jeff Sessions keeps his promise to recuse himself from all things Russia.)

Except: Trump is probably very aware that Rosenstein testified to Congress last week that he would only fire Mueller for “good cause.”

(Philip Bump / The Washington Post)

3. Get rid of Rosenstein entirely and hope the person who takes his place agrees Mueller needs to go. (That’s eventually how President Richard Nixon got rid of an independent investigator looking into him.)

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