April 28, 2017

4-27-2017 Political Nuggets….

Washington Brief

  • House Republicans introduced a one-week spending bill that would fund the government through May 5 and avoid a government shutdown on April 29. The move would buy more time for lawmakers to wrap up negotiations on a government funding bill expected to last through the remainder of fiscal year 2017, which ends on Sept. 30. (The Washington Post)
  • President Donald Trump told the leaders of Mexico and Canada that the United States would remain part of the North American Free Trade Agreement, for now. Unnamed administration officials on Wednesday had said the White House was preparing to take steps that would withdraw the United States from the trade pact in the coming months. (The New York Times)
  • While House Republicans were working to bridge the intra-party division over their health care bill, Senate Republicans raised objections to “Obamacare’s insurance mandates” and tax dollars “being given to insurance companies.” (Politico)
  • The White House introduced a broad tax-overhaul outline that calls for slashing taxes for businesses and Americans at almost all income levels. Republicans are divided over whether a tax cut of that size is feasible. (The Wall Street Journal)

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