April 17, 2017

4-17-2017 Political Articles…

Ready or Not, Gorsuch to Take Supreme Court Bench a Week After Oath
Greg Stohr, Bloomberg News 

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch didn’t have much time to get up to speed on his new job. Only a week after being sworn in, Gorsuch will take the bench for the first time Monday, filling the space next to Justice Sonia Sotomayor and hearing arguments in three cases, with another four scheduled to follow later in the week.

Pence tells North Korea not to test American resolve, offering Syria and Afghanistan strikes as examples
Anna Fifield, The Washington Post

Vice President Pence warned North Korea Monday that it could be in for the same treatment as Syria and Afghanistan – both of which the Trump administration has bombed this month – if it continues with its nuclear program. The stark warning, delivered in Seoul after the vice president went to the military demarcation that separates the two Koreas, could revive speculation that the White House is considering military action against the regime in Pyongyang.

EPA emerges as major target after Trump solicits policy advice from industry
Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post 

Just days after taking office, President Trump invited American manufacturers to recommend ways the government could cut regulations and make it easier for companies to get their projects approved. Industry leaders responded with scores of suggestions that paint the clearest picture yet of the dramatic series of steps that Trump officials are likely to take in overhauling federal policies, especially those designed to advance environmental protection and safeguard worker rights.

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