April 12, 2017

4-12-2017 Political Nuggets….

Washington Brief

  • In a tougher-than-expected race on Tuesday, voters in Kansas’ 4th District elected Ron Estes (R) to replace former Republican Rep. Mike Pompano, who left Congress to serve as director of the Central Intelligence Agency. The Kansas contest – likely impacted by its governor’s unpopularity – was the first big test for down-ballot candidates in the Trump era. (Morning Consult)
  • President Donald Trump is set to lift his federal hiring freeze, but with a catch: Agencies will be required to submit plans to reorganize and make themselves more efficient – some by cutting jobs. (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said she is considering running for governor in 2018. She made a gubernatorial run in 1994, when she lost to independent Angus King, who’s now a U.S. senator. (Portland Press Herald)
  • As the White House continues to criticize Russia for its support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, more Americans trust Trump than congressional Republicans or the international community to end the conflict in Syria. (Morning Consult)

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