April 10, 2017

4-10-2017 Political Nuggets

Washington Brief

  • Judge Neil Gorsuch will be sworn in today as a Supreme Court justice. He’s expected to play a decisive role in a religious freedom case set to be heard next week. (NBC News)
  • K.T. McFarland, a former Fox News commentator who joined President Donald Trump’s administration as deputy national security adviser, has been asked to step down. Trump is expected to nominate her as U.S. ambassador to Singapore. (Bloomberg News)
  • Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is taking a tougher stance against Russian support for Syria ahead of his trip to Moscow this week. He called Russia “incompetent” for allowing Syria to keep chemical weapons, and he accused the former Cold War adversary of meddling in European elections. (The New York Times)
  • When lawmakers return to Capitol Hill on April 24 they will bump up against a deadline to keep the government open past April 28. But unlike past funding debates, nobody is threatening a shutdown since controversial riders, such as border wall funding, have mostly been left off the table. (The Washington Post)

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